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WHO WE ARE - RICA products are inspired by a tradition of southern family beauty recipes dating back to the owner's great great grandmother who used fresh farmland ingredients to make healthy and effective beauty products. RICA products include natural ingredients from around the globe that maintain this time honored tradition of healing through nature and old fashioned simplicity.

WHAT WE DO - From our kitchen to your bath, RICA brings you fresh made to order natural bath & body therapies, with love in every batch, that are shipped just to you!

HOW WE DO IT - Our products are made containing no synthetic preservatives, colorants, parabens, sulfates or petroleum. What we do use are the most restorative and recongizable natural ingredients from around the globe that are pure, simple and effective. Bathe in buttermilk & rose petals, exfoliate with sugarcane crystals & raspberry seeds and moisturize with mango butter, avocado & passionfruit oil. We like to think of it as comfort food for the skin, making you feel good inside and out!

Our Story

RICA bath & body-comfort food for the skin is a handcrafted line of fresh, made-to-order bath and body products inspired by Southern family beauty recipes and a belief in the healing power of the bath.

Kristina IvyDr. Kristina Ivy, a holistic clinician who specializes in stress reduction, created the line. Looking to nature to calm the mind and soothe the body is something Ivy learned to do as a little girl growing up in Virginia. Her childhood was influenced by the matriarchal tradition, spanning three generations of women in her family, of making natural beauty remedies by taking botanicals grown in the rich Virginian soil around their homes and mixing them with ingredients found in the kitchen.

Big MamaThis Southern-family tradition began with her great-great grandmother, fondly called “Big Mama,” who made perfume by infusing oil with rose and jasmine; facial masks with honey and cornmeal; and bathed in goat’s milk and sage to improve skin tone. The later generations, including Ivy herself, continued to use fresh helpings of ingredients from the garden and kitchen for their handmade bath and body recipes. All the women in Ivy’s family have lived into their late 90’s healthy, happy and with beautiful skin. Their anti-aging secret was that they knew how to close the door on daily demands and find time for bathing and grooming rituals-kitchen concoctions in hand.  Ivy recalls how they always emerged from the bath beautiful, moisturized, relaxed and restored.

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