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Room Spray Sample Pack


Room Spray Sample Pack

Room Spray Collection of 11 Samples.JPG
Room Spray Collection of 11 Samples.JPG

Room Spray Sample Pack


Can't make up your mind about what YOUR scent is? Well, you don't have to. Sample all 11 fragrances in the RICA Home Collection. You can delight in the springtime floral array and cozy up with the deep woods blends then take a mini vacation of the mind to the shore side with coconuts and ocean spray. 

Includes 11 x 5 ml. White Mist Room Sprays in:
-Honeysuckle + Quince
-Tarragon + Bitters
-White Pepper + Sugar Cane
-Peony + Weeping Willow
-Woods + Whiskey
-Basil + Mint
-Black Currant + Cassis
-Salt + Shore
-Coconut Husk + Turbinado
-Bourbon + Cavendish
-Fennel + Rye ***NEW***

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