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Lavender Rose Bath Set


Lavender Rose Bath Set

RICA lavender rose gift duo.JPG
Lavender Rose Set | Bon Bons & Salt.png
RICA lavender rose gift duo.JPG
Lavender Rose Set | Bon Bons & Salt.png
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Lavender Rose Bath Set



We love the smell of lavender ; it reminds us of how bedtime can mean the end of a day or the beginning of vertical play.
We also love the sublime sweetness of rose, so long synonymous with love; delicate, subtle, and as intoxicating as a good Malbec.
Take a deep breath. Mmmmm. Let your mind wrap around the options for this evening. Where once there may have seemed like so few, there are now so many. So whether you want to take nap, or frolic amidst the sheets, lavender rose is a good place to start.

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Wine and cheese, ying and yang, sex and sunsets, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra; it's all about combinations, and at Rica, the power of the seamlessly integrated combination is at the core of what we create. We love nothing better than unifying two or more different ingredients to smooth out the bumps in the intricate roadmap of our lives.
Our gift sets are designed to maximize the healing power of the combo concept. Salts that relax tired muscles and allow the body to detox, are followed by essential oils which moisturize and seal in the precious commodity of softness.
Like they say in Brooklyn; "When the going gets tough, ya gotta have backup", and our gift sets got your back, your knees, your elbows, your ankles, your face, your neck, and all the other lovely parts that make