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Butter All Over


Butter All Over

RICA bath + body Butter All Over 1oz Original Clementine with Clementines.JPG
RICA Butter All Over 10oz Original
RICA bath + body Butter All Over 1oz Original Clementine with Clementines.JPG
RICA Butter All Over 10oz Original

Butter All Over

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A rich, all-natural and fluffy shea butter that’s your one stop shop for getting rid of dryness. For body, feet, hair and nails, it’s a quick-absorbing butter cream with coconut, avocado and passionfruit oils that leaves skin and hair nourished, protected and oh so soft, and is scented with essential oils of lemon and sweet orange.

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The great thing about this all-over moisturizer is that you can use it in so many ways. It was inspired by my family's tradition of sitting around the kitchen table with my grandmother & mother, mixing up various concoctions from fresh farmland ingredients and figuring out all sorts of ways to enjoy our creations. This time-honored tradition of coming together, laughing and pampering ourselves is something that we hope you will do with this product and your family and friends. -Ivy

Here is how our customers use this special cream:

  • As an all over body moisturizer 
  • Take it with you when you get a pedicure and ask them to use that instead of a water-based lotion
  • Post gardening, use as a hand cream to heal cracked cuticles and dry hands
  • As a beard grooming aid for men
  • As a nighttime face butter for dry mature skin (avoid contact with eyes)
  • In cold weather or when skiing use as a daytime face moisturizer thereby providing a protecting barrier against icy winds
  • Post waxing use as a skin moisturizer and calming aid.
  • As a diaper rash cream for babies or as an all over moisturizer for children with dry skin or eczema
  • As a daily conditioning pomade for hair and post blow-out fly-aways (a.k.a. antennas)
  • For a pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment, place on damp hair, add a hot wash cloth and wrap hair in a larger towel. After 20 mins shampoo and condition as usual.
  • Add to hair before going for a jog or doing hot yoga or any type of workout. Shampoo out after workout.
  • We can't forget the dogs in our life! Great as a hot spot salve or for their paws before they walk on the salt-sprinkled streets when it is snowing.