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Modern Love Letter


From being a clinician specializing in women’s wellness, to running my own bath and body company, I have had the unique experience of bringing together two worlds I feel passionate about. The common thread is how do we feel our best each and everyday. The idea behind this blog is to share useful, tried and true, accessible tidbits, to enhance various aspects of life by building balance between the body and the mind. We encourage you to rummage through these blog entries as you would a big box of tag-sale goodies in a church basement. Dig around and you may be pleasantly surprised to find something which helps smooth the odd bumps in your life’s journey.

Thanks for reading, 

Kristina Ivy, Ph.D.

Modern Love Letter

Kristina Ivy

The love letter is as old as written language itself. Where would you find one in today's post snail mail world? RICA founder, Dr. Ivy found her love letter in the form of an Instagram post

dc benny ig post of red hook.png

DC Benny writes:

"The day after my wife signed a lease on her new production space in red hook, hurricane Sandy hit. When we got to the space, there was an overturned boat lodged by the door and a 7 foot watermark where the water had submerged the entire bottom floor of the building. Everything was ruined. Everything except this old photo of her great grandma. I took this pic right when she found the photo as we were cleaning up the mess. It all felt pretty hopeless. 2 weeks later, West Elm put in a huge order and @ricabathandbody was on the map. Today that photo of "Big Momma", hangs on the wall of her new space 400 3rd avenue, where orders for her handmade bath and body products are being filled for stores all around the world. Life knocks you down, you dust off, get up off that canvas and go kick its ass. #strongwoman #bathandbody #mywifeisthebomb"

(Framed Big Mama in Red Hook Studio, 2014)

(Framed Big Mama in Red Hook Studio, 2014)

DC Benny, or as we know him in the studio, our master Butter All Over mixologist, is a frequent writing contributor to the RICA Blog and even comes up with our knowledgable, yet cheeky product descriptions. Thank ya kindly Ben, DC Benny, Butter Master Extraordinaire! 


Warmest Wishes,

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