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From being a clinician specializing in women’s wellness, to running my own bath and body company, I have had the unique experience of bringing together two worlds I feel passionate about. The common thread is how do we feel our best each and everyday. The idea behind this blog is to share useful, tried and true, accessible tidbits, to enhance various aspects of life by building balance between the body and the mind. We encourage you to rummage through these blog entries as you would a big box of tag-sale goodies in a church basement. Dig around and you may be pleasantly surprised to find something which helps smooth the odd bumps in your life’s journey.

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Kristina Ivy, Ph.D.

The RICA Secret to Luscious Hair...

Kristina Ivy


Spoiler Alert: it's Butter All Over!

If you've been a RICA girl for some time, it's more than likely that you've already fallen in love with our Butter All Over... it truly is a one-stop miracle worker for hair, skin, and nails! We're here to highlight some of our favorite surprising ways to use this everywhere churned cream to create the mane of your dreams!


Method 1: Hair Mask + Hot Yoga

Okay, we guess it doesn't HAVE to be Hot Yoga... but why not?? We love to put a healthy and hearty helping of Butter into our strands and get crackin' on any part of our fitness routine! It's a super luxurious and effective way to give your hair the moisture it seeks while also workin' on that hot bod. Hot Yoga is extra wonderful, because the added heat helps your locks soak in the nourishment of Shea Butter and a whole buncha wonder oils that make up our unique moisturizer!


Method 2: Prevent Color Damage

This is a coveted secret that has gloriously been unearthed - if you coat your hair with Butter All Over before lightening it with harsh chemicals, the damage will be, like, a tiny FRACTION of what it would be otherwise! Seriously... Just slather it in before you reinvent yourself and you're sure to thank yourself afterwards! Better yet, give it a few hours to soak beforehand and you're even better off! Hooray! You can have your cake and eat it too!


Method 3: Tame Those Locks

We know - you don't like the sound of taming anything about ya bad self! But of course, your hair is a different story... If you've got fine hair with a bit of rebelious frizz, dab a small amount into palms, rub in and softly touch up (easy now!) those pesky flyaways. Now, if you've got a whole lotta curl, you can be a bit more generous with the serving size! Really get in there! Voilà, silky hair that knows how to behave just how you like!