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From being a clinician specializing in women’s wellness, to running my own bath and body company, I have had the unique experience of bringing together two worlds I feel passionate about. The common thread is how do we feel our best each and everyday. The idea behind this blog is to share useful, tried and true, accessible tidbits, to enhance various aspects of life by building balance between the body and the mind. We encourage you to rummage through these blog entries as you would a big box of tag-sale goodies in a church basement. Dig around and you may be pleasantly surprised to find something which helps smooth the odd bumps in your life’s journey.

Thanks for reading, 

Kristina Ivy, Ph.D.

Tipping Towards the Sun

Kristina Ivy

More sun, more skin, more life, more love, less clothing- these are just a few ideas that come to mind when thinking about embracing Summer. The warmth calls us out of our winter shells and we can finally dig our toes into the sandy shoreline, just like we'd dreamed. We take a deep breath of sun-drenched air for a moment of peace. Though it's always important to explore, summer allows us to stretch our boundaries. We are no longer contained by the colder weather's strain. Re-connecting with loved ones and embarking on outdoor adventures become the bright, comforting memories we look to during the darker seasons. The rituals of self care we practice expand in the summer as fresh fruit and vegetables are abundantly accessible, and the backyard becomes our gym. We are blessed to nourish ourselves inside and out.

Below, we share a list of directions to incorporate RICA in prepararation for a summer day filled with self-love, adventure and connection:

-Upon awakening, drink a giant glass of water. Drinking water immediately after waking up is a habit that detoxifies, realigns and strengthens the systems of the entire body.

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

-Next, enjoy a cup of warm, energizing ginger tea with lemon. Individually, ginger and lemon support healthy immune systems and increase the metabolism. Ginger's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, in combination with lemon's antibacterial and detoxifying properties, build a strong defense against illness. Together, they sooth stomach issues and clean out the urinary tract. Ginger shoots right to the brain for a jolt of clarity. Lemon's high Vitamin C content boosts collagen production and aids in glowing skin. What a way to start the day! 

-Now, before a morning work out, apply BUTTER ALL OVER to hair for deep conditioning.

Exercise. Sweat. 

-While cooling off and to maintain hydration, drink a watermelon, lime and cucumber juice. In addition to being a great refresher, this combination is also a liver cleanser.

Oil Up + Sisal Dry Brush shown here

Oil Up + Sisal Dry Brush shown here

Shower time.

-Before showering, use a dry brush on arms, legs, stomach and feet, motioning away from the heart to promote circulation. 

-Shampoo/condition as normal to thoroughly wash out the BUTTER ALL OVER.

-Extra exfoliation? Yes! CLEMENTINE SUGAR POLISH is the answer. Along with citrus's anti-inflammatory properties, sugar and citrus naturally create skin-polishing alpha hydroxy acids. Grape-seed and apricot kernel oils leave a kiss of moisture behind. 

-For the face: massage a dime-sized amount of FACE MERINGUE CREAM CLEANSER on and remove with a hot-steamed wash cloth. Continue steaming until face feels clean, refreshed, dewy and renewed.

-Directly after showering, use OIL UP while skin is still damp. A little bit goes a long way and this vitamin-rich, skin-preserving remedy leaves you feeling soft and rejuvenated. Touch up hot spots with BUTTER ALL OVER and if need be, rub a tiny amount in your hands and use to smooth fly aways. For extra wild hair, use a bit more as a styling pomade. 

Roll-On Oil Perfumes

Roll-On Oil Perfumes

-As a finishing touch, dab on your favorite ROLL-ON PERFUME OIL and carry it with you to reapply.. whenever! Be sure to have a (Lip)STICK OF BUTTER with you. It is the best lip moisturizer in addition to being an excellent primer before applying lipstick. 

Most importantly, remember to drink lots of water and protect your skin from the sun's powerful rays via your favorite SPF... and perhaps your favorite wide-brimmed hat. Voila! One fine beginning to a summer's day.