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Meet The Mixers of RICA bath + body


From being a clinician specializing in women’s wellness, to running my own bath and body company, I have had the unique experience of bringing together two worlds I feel passionate about. The common thread is how do we feel our best each and everyday. The idea behind this blog is to share useful, tried and true, accessible tidbits, to enhance various aspects of life by building balance between the body and the mind. We encourage you to rummage through these blog entries as you would a big box of tag-sale goodies in a church basement. Dig around and you may be pleasantly surprised to find something which helps smooth the odd bumps in your life’s journey.

Thanks for reading, 

Kristina Ivy, Ph.D.

Meet The Mixers of RICA bath + body

Kristina Ivy

Meet the RICA bath + body mixers and read about their favorite products. After all, who's going to know more about the products than the fine people in the kitchen mixing up the recipes daily? 

MAKER: Laura P.

RICA FAVORITE: White Mist Room Spray in White Pepper + Sugar Cane

Laura loves this refreshing home fragrance + linen spray because "it smells like a hot man." She sprays it around her Brooklyn apartment to freshen the space up and even has been known to mist it on her bed linens before hitting the hay because "it's really relaxing". She'll spritz a bit on her clothing before she heads out for the day. 

White Pepper + Sugar Cane is RICA's best-selling fragrance in both room spray and candle. It's based on a scent memory from, RICA owner, Kristina Ivy's honeymoon down in the Caribbean. It has notes of Amber, Fig, Fennel and Yam. The wax and packaging accent color is soft heather grey, a RICA staple.

It smells like a hot man.

MAKER: Emily H.

RICA FAVORITE: Clementine Sugar Polish in Original

Emily loves the newest sugar scrub in the RICA body line because, "it noticeably transforms my skin from beginning of shower to the end". She uses the sugar polish once a week and is excited about the fact that she doesn't "even need to put on moisturizer when I'm done showering" due to the lightweight grapeseed oil base. "The bathroom smells like I'm in a giant orange shortbread cookie!"

Clementine Sugar Polish was introduced to coincide with the remaining RICA Original scented products, Butter All Over, Oil Up and Siesta Salts. A mighty benefit of this darlin' scrub is the addition of orange powder, zest and essential oils which adds anti-inflammatory and mood-lifting aroma therapeutic benefits while you use it. 

The bathroom smells like I’m in a giant orange shortbread cookie!

MAKER: Sam C. 

RICA FAVORITE:  Siesta Salts in Cucumber Lily

Sam loves the soft, watery, floral aroma of RICA's mineral rich bathing brine. "It's just so calming". The dreamy aqua bath salts are a great way to cap off a long day. According to Sam, the juicy green cucumber scent is likely RICA's most "spa-like" fragrance in the bath collection. It transforms the tub into a detoxing oasis with notes of freshly sliced cucumber, calla lily, pink grapefruit and honeydew.

Siesta Salts aren't the only product that come fragranced with the abundantly squeezable scent of Cucumber Lily. The Cucumber Lily experience can take place in the washroom and extend to the vanity with RICA's body scrub and body fragrance.

It’s just so calming.

MAKER: Hiroko N. 

RICA FAVORITE:  Bath Bon Bons in Lavender Rose

Hiroko loves the sweet + romantic cocoa butter skin candies that melt into bathwater to soften and moisturize while you're in the tub, because "they're so cute!" Moisture is a BIG focus of the RICA bath + body line and boy do these mini treats pack a powerful hydrating punch into one candy cup. "All I need is one per bath." Hiroko feels "so luxurious bathing in candy and flowers." An assortment of pink roses, lavender buds and blue cornflower petals top this 6-bath box.

The Bath Bon Bons are a truly original product to RICA. Search high and low, there's nothing out there quite like these bathwater delights. The name "bon bons" came about long before the product was even formulated. Owner, Kristina Ivy wanted to create a decadent bathing retreat that even the avid bath connoisseur hadn't stepped into the tub with. Originally formulated in Wildflower, they became such a hit that Ivy couldn't help but play florist on the next batch. They match (scent and botanicals) the Lavender Rose Siesta Salts and even come in a special detox and moisture gift duo.

All I need is one per bath.

MAKER: Ben W. 

RICA FAVORITE:  Butter All Over in Original

Ben, RICA's resident butter mixer, loves the product he's in charge of making, Butter All Over. "I'll put some on my beard and hair," to groom it. In the winter he uses "a little on my face and I'm good all day." Ben says the nice thing about it, "is the scent isn't overpowering. It's almost a unisex smell." 

Butter All Over is the Original product of RICA bath + body and is truly the heart of the brand. With a dozen or more ways to use this versatile churned cream it's no wonder that it's the brand's best-selling item. From daily moisturizer, to nourishing hair mask, to diaper rash relief, to hot spot salve on our four legged friends the list really does go on

A little on my face and I’m good all day.

MAKER: Kristina I.

RICA FAVORITE:  Oil Up in Original

Kristina loves the daily body nourishing oil blend of Oil Up. She's "always been obsessed with soft skin." Not only does it make her skin silky smooth, but the ritual of application is something that she takes special note of too. "I love the feeling of putting it on my wet skin straight out of the shower and then patting dry with a towel." Kristina is right to boast about how Oil Up keeps her skin soft the entire day and laughs saying, "so when I undress at night I'm ready for anything!"

Oil Up can be used three ways. 1. Straight onto dry skin. 2. Like Kristina, apply to wet skin and pat dry with towel. 3. Splash a bit into your bathwater for a soak. Formulated with an extremely hydrating blend of Avocado, Jojoba + Kukui Nut oils, it's meant for daily use to lock in moisture with ingredients that are closer to the natural makeup of skin than any water or alcohol based lotion. So as instructed, go ahead and oil on up! Don't be afraid to hit those extra dry bits with a touch of Butter All Over too!

So when I undress at night I’m ready for anything!

MAKER: Grits 

RICA FAVORITE:  White Mist Room Spray in Basil Mint

Grits, the RICA mascot, loves the minty-fresh scent available in White Mist Room Spray and Soy Candles. Even with this much doted upon rescue-pup from Georgia, sometimes it's good to have a quick room refresher handy. After a rainy day stroll, or during his off-days between bath time, this handsome Black Mouth Cur, Ridgeback and Pitbull mix, kindly utters a, "bow-wow woof," to remind his owners to spray a bit about the Brooklyn brownstone Grits calls home.

An herbal medley originated in the bath + body line as Siesta Salts and Aloe Butter Sugar Polish, Basil + Mint, was too much a favorite to not bring over into the home collection. With cooling notes of Moss, Rosemary and Watercress, this scent memory is best celebrated in the kitchen. A favorite room for us all here at RICA.

Bow-wow woof!